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These non-denominational Bible games, puzzles, and quizzes are intended to offer qualified biblical learning with a measure of lighthearted entertainment to all lovers of the Bible. It is also offered to students who want to increase their comprehension and retention of scripture. Our studies focus explicitly on the Bible itself, rather than unpredictable excursions into the various theological environs of belief, custom, or doctrine. We have tried to combine these exercises with a touch of enjoyment because many people seem to take more of an interest in learning when fun is involved. We desire to communicate biblical truths, for the Bible is the light for our pathway, to illuminate and help us along our mutual pilgrimage towards eternity. Hopefully, these exercises will greatly enhance your reading and studying of the Bible. Here are a variety of puzzles and exercises to get you in the mood for studying the Bible. We have selected a number of different puzzle concepts that utilize memory and very simple concentration skills. Each puzzle was selected with the intention of adding some fun to your study of the Bible. If you know of any other puzzle concepts that we may be able to add, please let us know. Have fun and enjoy your Bible!